• Stugeron (Cinnarizine) 25mg 50 tablets

Expiration date: 02/2024

Pharmachologic effect:

Blocks calcium channels reduces the tone of vascular smooth muscle, brain predominantly inhibits the influence of vasoactive substances: epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine, angiotensin, vasopressin, histamine, serotonin, bradykinin and nicotine. It increases the deformability of red blood cells and reduces blood viscosity, improve microcirculation. Reduces the excitability of the vestibular apparatus.


Cerebrovascular accidents (dizziness, tinnitus, headache vascular genesis, impaired memory, and others.) Labyrinthine disorders, migraine (prevention of attacks) violation of the peripheral circulation (Raynaud's disease, akrotsianoz, intermittent claudication, trophic disorders, and others.).



Side effect:

Dry mouth, indigestion, sweating, weight gain, drowsiness, headache, cholestatic jaundice, extrapyramidal disorders, allergic reactions.

Drug Interactions:

Effect of increase (each) antidepressants, drugs that suppress the central nervous system, alcohol.

Dosage and administration:

Inside, after a meal. If any of the circulation of the brain - 25-50 mg (. 1-2 tablets) 3 times a day for violation of the peripheral circulation - at 50-75 mg (2-3 table.) 3 times a day with vestibular disorders - 25 mg 3 times a day with kinetoses ( "road" disease): adults - 25 mg half an hour before the trip (if necessary repeated reception of 25 mg every 6 hours). Children appoint half the dose for adults.

With high sensitivity to the drug treatment is initiated with a dose of 1.2, gradually increasing it. The course of treatment - from several weeks to several months.


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