General tonics and adaptogens

Obsecenities effect on the Central nervous system has a number of tools, mainly of plant origin. In addition obscenities nonspecific action on the Central nervous system, these drugs improve the endocrine regulation and metabolism, and increase adaptation of the organism to adverse factors.

Complexes of biologically active substances levzei, Chinese Magnolia vine, zamanihi, aralia have obsecenities action. Preparations of ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Rhodiola rosea and other plants combine obstensibly effect with adaptive properties.

The mechanism obscenities and adaptogenic action remains unclear. It is expected that the implementation of the adaptogenic action plays a role strengthening adaptive synthesis of RNA and proteins, activity of enzymes of energy metabolism and regeneration processes.

The spectrum of action obstensibly means includes first of all obstensibly effect that develops gradually and is reflected in the increase in the tone and functioning of the body. Based obsecenities action is the activation of metabolism, endocrine and autonomic regulation. General tonic effect was accompanied by increased appetite, increased tone of hollow organs, secretion of glands of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to these effects, they observed recovery of the reduced vascular tone, slight increase in blood pressure and heart. In addition obscenities for drugs in this group prakaran not pronounced psychostimulant effect. Psihostimulyatsia manifested in improvement of health (physical and mental), reducing the symptoms of asthenia and fatigue. This effect is not accompanied by signs of excitement, including euphoria. It should be noted that the manifestation and obsecenities and psychoactive effects is in the range of physiological norm.

Drugs derived from plants with adaptogenic effects have a minor psychoactive effect (according to the severity and speed of development is much lower than the psychostimulants and obscenities medicines). The main in the pharmacodynamics of adaptogens are the following effects:

  • stimulation of the immune system (specific and nonspecific) and increase body resistance to infection. This is based on the use of adaptogens during epidemics, leading to a decrease in the number of cases and the severity of the clinical picture of the disease;
  • improving tolerance to adverse environmental factors (high and low ambient temperature, intoxication, radiation, etc.).

As drugs obstensibly funds and use different adaptogens extracts of of medicinal herbs: tinctures, liquid extracts, etc. However, the most strong and selective obsecenities action have isolated alkaloids — strychnine, securinine, Echinopsis. These alkaloids are characterized by a high toxicity and therefore are not used.

Funds General tonics and adaptogens low toxicity and are generally well tolerated. Should not be prescribed as increased excitability Central nervous system, hypertension and some other conditions.

Shown General tonic remedies and adaptogens for fatigue (after trauma, systemic diseases, etc.), prealablement, hypotension, to boost the immunity during epidemics. These drugs are effective for maintaining the overall tone and performance, including elderly patients, and to accelerate the adaptation (physical and mental overload, changing conditions of life and work, the influence of adverse factors). It must be borne in mind that adaptogens are preventive agents, i.e., their effect is prolonged systematic use.

Sources obscenities and adaptogenic funds are not only plants. They are derived from neokostenelyh horns of elk and deer (Pantocrine and others), aquatics or synthetically — acetylaminosiccine acid, sulbutiamine etc.

It should be noted that obscenities and adaptogenic action have some drugs. pharmacological groups (bendazol etc.), as well as a large number of preparations of complex composition, containing including the above medicines.

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