Dopamine agonists

This group unites substances directly stimulating dopamine receptors or promote the accumulation of dopamine in the synaptic cleft (increasing its synthesis or preventing biodegradation). Dopamine receptors are widely represented in the brain, especially in basal nuclei, substantia nigra, subthalamic area. High affinity for D-receptors possess bromocriptine, hinagolid, cabergoline; products mediator substrate provides levodopa; because the main role in the oxidation of dopamine plays MAO B and its inhibitors (selegiline) are also showing dofaminomimetiki activity. Used dofaminomimetiki in Parkinson's disease, parkinsonism (see antiparkinsonian FUNDS), as well as when you want to suppress postpartum lactation (the death of a newborn, mastitis, etc.). They are useful in disorders of ovarian function, the syndrome of galactorrhea-amenorrhea, some forms of infertility, etc.

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