Androgens, antiandrogens

The main male gonadal hormone — androgen is testosterone. According to current data of circulating testosterone in the target cells restored 5-alpha-reductase to 5-alpha-digidrosteron, which binds to the androgen receptor and enters the nucleus of cells in some tissues it is possible the binding of testosterone to receptors.

For use in medical practice testosterone in the form of propionate is prepared synthetically. Testosterone propionate has biological and therapeutic properties of the natural hormone, but more slowly absorbed and more racks in the body.

In addition to the specific androgenic effect of the drugs in this group have other properties, in particular, act on nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism. They have anabolic activity, but the wide use of these drugs as anabolic (see anabolic STEROIDS) prevent their androgenic effects.

Androgens are prescribed for men mostly through sexual underdevelopment, functional disorders in the reproductive system, menopausal syndrome, acromegaly. Introduction of androgen to women causes inhibition of gonadotropic pituitary function, oppression of function of ovarian reserve and ovarian, endometrial atrophy, suppression of lactation. Androgens are sometimes prescribed to women with climacteric vascular and neurological disorders in cases where contraindicated estrogenic drugs, in dysfunctional uterine bleeding, as well as tumors of genitals and mammary glands.

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