• Leuzea tincture 100ml

Expiration date: 08/2022

Leuzea Safronova (Maral root) has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, with its reception improves performance considerably lengthens the period before predelnolnogo fatigue and decreases the level of damaging factors in exhausting physical effort.

Composition: aqueous alcohol extract of rhizomes and roots of Rhaponticum Safronov, rosehip May, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sodium benzoate.

Testimony: It is recommended as food supplements, additional source of flavonoids, containing Ecdysten.

Suggested Use: Adults 1/2 dessert spoon (5ml) 1 times a day during meals (in the morning), adding to the tea, mineral water or other beverages.

Course duration: 1 month. Before applying are encouraged to consult with your doctor.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components of dietary supplements, pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, insomnia, increased nervous irritability, disturbance of heart rhythm, the reception in the evening.

Leuzea (maral root) is applied before the upcoming stress and heavy loads, with an overall loss of strength, after serious illness, physical and mental fatigue, as well as disorders of the sexual sphere. It removes the feeling of tiredness and fatigue during physical and mental work, restores vitality, improves appetite, greatly enhances performance, improves overall health and increases the effects of the sex glands, helping to restore sexual function. Biological activity associated plants, mainly containing ekdistena. It is recommended to athletes preparing for a competition, because Leuzea increases endurance exercise capacity and, incidentally, removes lactic acid from muscles, which accumulates in them with sports activities and causes pain.


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