Expiration date: 07/2025

Ovarian bioregulator

It is recommended to improve the function of the ovaries, to reduce negative symptoms of menopause

Product form: 40 tablets per pack

The situation of application:

  • Symptoms of age-related disorders of the synthesis of melatonin
  • Female infertility
  • Infertility couples

The pledge of happiness

For women a well-functioning reproductive system (especially a normally functioning ovaries) is not only the key to successful conception and pregnancy, but also the opportunity for many years to preserve health, youth and attractiveness.

The main in the system

In women's health, if not all, much depends on the ovaries. Besides the fact that these bodies are one of the main the reproductive system, they indirectly affect the whole body: give the woman attractiveness, alertness and activity, and protect from many diseases, primarily, cardiovascular and osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, in many women, ovarian function is impaired. To blame for this stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, excess weight, surgeries, endocrine pathology, abuse of emergency contraception, etc. Irregular periods, prolonged menstruation, abdominal pain — the first symptoms of ovarian dysfunction. To treat this disease as soon as possible, because it not only leads to menstrual irregularities, and infertility.

Natural helpers

When the ovaries are not doing their job, they need help. This is facilitated by Ovarian — Citamin, which has a selective effect only on the cells of the ovaries, helping them to regenerate. Unlike hormonal drugs, Ovarian does not replace the function of the ovaries and supports their normal job of helping to extend natural resource.

First of all, this bioregulator is useful for women in preparation for pregnancy, if conception is a problem. Common cause failures include problems with ovulation (resulting in irregular cycles or increase the number of anovulatory cycles). This task solves Ovarian, helping normalize intracellular processes, causing the ovaries begin to participate more actively in the process of formation and maturation of the follicles, and thus restores the ability for natural conception.

Also Ovarian shown in disorders of the menstrual cycle (in particular, caused by hormonal disruptions that can happen after miscarriages and abortions). Especially effectively course application of the drug. Women in 58% of cases noted the restoration of a regular cycle, and also the decrease of asthenoneurotic and asthenovegetative symptoms, associated with hormonal imbalance.

And, of course, this Citamin indispensable during the menopause, when function of the ovaries ceases and under the influence of this process, women are progressing aging and there are many disorders: metabolic, psycho-emotional, vegetative, etc. Ovarian supports ovarian function and helps to alleviate symptoms of menopause and prevent the development of comorbidities.

Like any Citamin, Ovarian affects on weakened and healthy cells. If you need to restore a damaged connection — eliminates the "gap" in the chain. But if cells are healthy, it just feeds them. While he acts gently and naturally. Thanks to the natural composition and small size of molecules even when the dose this bioregulator safe. Substances do not accumulate and are quickly excreted from the body, that does not give rise to the syndrome.


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