• Dexonal (Dexketoprofen) 25mg 10 tablets

Expiration date: 08/2024

Dexketoprofen (prep) is a derivative of propionic acid, which is a therapeutically active isomer of Ketoprofen. The OST is a modern anesthetic designed for quick elimination of acute pain of various origin — muscular-skeletal pain (mild or moderate), algodismenorea, toothache. DCT is relatively rarely causes serious adverse reactions, superior to the tolerability and safety of such popular in our country and NSAIDs as diclofenac, Ketoprofen and Ketorolac.

Form release:

film-coated tablets, 25 mg No. 10.

Indications for use

Musculoskeletal pain (mild or moderate severe), algomenorrhea, toothache.

The drug is intended for symptomatic therapy, reduce pain and inflammation at the time of application.

Method of application and doses

Taken orally during meals, and in the case of acute pain — at least 30 minutes before a meal.

Depending on the intensity of pain, the recommended dose for adults is 12.5 mg of dexketoprofen (1/2 pill Dexona®) every 4-6 hours or 25 mg dexketoprofen (1 tablet Dexona®) every 8 h

The maximum daily dose-75 mg.

The drug is not intended for long-term therapy, the course of treatment with the drug should not exceed 3-5 days.


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