• Ammonium (Ammonia) 10% 25ml

Expiration date: 08/2020 

Dosage form 

Colorless transparent volatile liquid with a pungent odor 


100 ml of solution contains: active substance: aqueous ammonia concentrated - 44 ml is equivalent to the ammonia content of 10 g excipients: purified water to 100 ml

Pharmacological action

Analeptic, antiseptic; inhalation causes irritation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and reflexly stimulates respiratory and vessel dvigately centers. In high concentrations cause reflex respiratory arrest. Has a disinfectant effect on the skin. With prolonged contact irritant effect on the skin can go in cauterizing (coagulation proteins) with the development of hyperemia, swelling and pain.


Quickly displayed for any route of administration, mainly the lungs and bronchial glands.

Side effects

Stop breathing (reflex, when inhaled in high concentrations), hypersalivation, sore throat, hyperemia of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Burns of the esophagus and stomach (in case of accidental ingestion).


Faint, disinfection of the skin, neutralizing acidic toxins for insect bites


Hypersensitivity; when applied topically - violation of the integrity of the skin, inflammatory skin diseases (i.e. dermatitis, eczema) and other skin diseases at the site of the proposed application. With caution in Pregnancy, lactation, children age.



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