• Milife 10 suppositories rectal

Expiration date: 04/2025

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cocoa butter, mycelium biomass of the fungus POLYPORUS SQUAMOSUS. 

Milife suppositories rectal: indications and instructions for use

Milife suppositories rectal are presented in the form of a natural adaptogen produced from the higher fungus Fusarium. The drug is characterized by a restorative quality, increases the degree of resistance of the body's Biosystems to toxins, harmful formations.

Prescribe to optimize cognitive processes, improve performance, liver therapy, colds, with insufficient functioning of the immune system, climacteric syndrome.

The composition of Milife suppositories rectal contains up to 20 amino acids, vitamin group elements, oligopeptides, glycans, ubiquinones and other auxiliary chemicals.

Before taking milife suppositories rectal, it is necessary to establish the correct medical conclusion and identify the causes of the patient's ailments. Only after that, you can prescribe a remedy. The product is absorbable.

It is strictly forbidden to spend the bioproduct with hypersensetivity of the immunoapparate to the constituent substances, some dysfunction of the hepatic and renal organs. Whether it is necessary to appoint milife suppositories rectal during pregnancy, children under 18 years can only know the specialist of the profile Department.

Side effects, Overdose milife suppositories rectal

  • Indirect indications when using the drug Milife suppositories rectal were not revealed.
  • The excess intake of the drug Milife has Not been characterized.


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