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Milife® - parapharmaceutical of plant origin, is a biomass of lyophilizate monoculture fungus tinder scaly (Polyporus squamosus), contains a unique natural complex of biologically active substances.The composition includes 22 amino acids, including essential (tryptophan, lysine, methionine). The components of Milife® are unsaturated fatty acids, 50% of which are linolenic acid. Milife® is characterized by a high content of ubiquinones Q6, Q9, Q10 for natural compounds. Ubiquinones-vital coenzymes, are components of the respiratory chain of the cell. Carbohydrates are represented by structural polysaccharide fungal ? -; ?-chitin mannans, beta-glucans: biopolymer polyprenol and polymer ubiquitin, as well as polyphenols, which are able to change the activity of many metabolic enzymes. Beta-glucans of Milife® contribute to the appearance of additional biological action, triggering the process to the reverse development of tumors: such as fibroids, mastopathy and adenoma (return of cells to the normal phenotype). Organic acids, including malic, citric, amber. The range of vitamins includes all b vitamins, folic and nicotinic acids. The mineral composition is represented by 15 essential trace elements. 9 of them are cations and 6 anions. Milife® due to its composition allows to restore physiological phagocytosis, apoptosis in the body. At physiological concentrations of Milife® in the body, the indicators of redox potential and pH are restored. The zinc content of 6.5 mg/g. The daily human need for zinc is 12-16 mg for adults and 4-6 mg for children.

Milife + Selenium: information instructions

Milife + Selenium is a universal agent having a number of pharmacological actions: antiviral, antiparasitic, immunomodulatory, metabolic, adaptogenic, regenerating.

In the composition of capsules contains mass: mushrooms Fusarium sambucinum. This mushroom has a high value in the treatment of diseases.

Capsules are taken with chronic fatigue. With immunodeficiency and after suffering severe diseases, during recovery, after surgery. It is used as a complex therapy in the treatment of endocrine diseases, including diabetes mellitus.

In disorders of reproductive function and uterine pathology: endometriosis, fibroids, cysts. During the severe course of climacteric syndrome. To improve sexual activity. For General recovery, athletes for rapid rehabilitation after injury.

The drug is combined with antibacterial therapy. The dose is selected individually. In the course of studies, no side effects were found on the body.

Milife + Selenium: contraindications

  • Childhood
  • Women awaiting the birth of a baby
  • Women after childbirth, breast-feeding


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