• Milife Amber 200mg 30 capsules

Expiration date: 07/2025

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Milife® - parapharmaceutical of plant origin, is a biomass of lyophilizate monoculture fungus tinder scaly (Polyporus squamosus), contains a unique natural complex of biologically active substances.The composition includes 22 amino acids, including essential (tryptophan, lysine, methionine). The components of Milife® are unsaturated fatty acids, 50% of which are linolenic acid. Milife® is characterized by a high content of ubiquinones Q6, Q9, Q10 for natural compounds. Ubiquinones-vital coenzymes, are components of the respiratory chain of the cell. Carbohydrates are represented by structural polysaccharide fungal ? -; ?-chitin mannans, beta-glucans: biopolymer polyprenol and polymer ubiquitin, as well as polyphenols, which are able to change the activity of many metabolic enzymes. Beta-glucans of Milife® contribute to the appearance of additional biological action, triggering the process to the reverse development of tumors: such as fibroids, mastopathy and adenoma (return of cells to the normal phenotype). Organic acids, including malic, citric, amber. The range of vitamins includes all b vitamins, folic and nicotinic acids. The mineral composition is represented by 15 essential trace elements. 9 of them are cations and 6 anions. Milife® due to its composition allows to restore physiological phagocytosis, apoptosis in the body. At physiological concentrations of Milife® in the body, the indicators of redox potential and pH are restored. The zinc content of 6.5 mg/g. The daily human need for zinc is 12-16 mg for adults and 4-6 mg for children.


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