• Meturacolum sponge 5x5cm

Expiration date: 05/2025

"Meturacolum" is used as local funds in the complex treatment of trophic ulcers, bedsores, deep and nonhealing wounds, superficial burns of the skin.

"Meturacolum" anti-inflammatory action, stimulates reparative processes in wounds, accelerating the growth and maturation of granulation tissue and epithelialization, has a hemostatic effect.

When applied to the wound "Meturacolum" tight to its surface, absorbs wound discharge, swelling and gradually lysed, releasing part of its composition methyluracil.

Method of application

"Meturacolum" impose on the wound surface in the form of an application so that it is snug to the bottom and walls of the wound, and the edges are left outside the wound for 1 to 1.5 cm on Top of the drug is applied the pressure bandage.

Pre-wound should be treated with antiseptic solutions to remove remnants of necrotic tissue.

In the presence of purulent discharge use of the drug is recommended in combination with antiseptic solutions (e.g. dioksidina), dampening their drug.

The frequency of binding depends on the depth and area of the wound surface, the intensity of exudation and the presence of necrotic masses. Wet areas of the drug are removed and replaced with a new one. On average, the dressing is recommended 1 every 2 — 3 days (if not wet sites), because during this period "Metracal" completely lysed. If "Metracal" not resorbed and no indication for ligation (pain, burning in the wound, the accumulation of purulent exudate, the presence of allergic reactions), it is not removed until complete healing of the wound with granulation tissue to the full depth.


The application of the "Meturacolum" contraindicated in the presence of excessive wound granulation, as well as hypersensitive metiluratsila

Release form

"Meturacolum" release in the form of sterile plates with a thickness of 7 mm size 90 x 90 mm 50 x 50 mm.

Storage conditions

The drug should be stored in a dry, protected from light place at room temperature. Shelf life 4 years.


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