• Uralyt U (Potassium-sodium-hydrogen citrate) 280g granules

Expiration date: 01/2025

The composition and form of issue:

2, 5 g of granules (1 scoop) for preparing solution for oral administration contain mexacali-hexanitro-trihydroselenate complex (6:6:3:5) 2, 4 g banks for 280 grams in a box 1 Bank complete with measuring spoon, indicator paper, test calendar.

Pharmacological action:

The dissolution and prevention education mochekislah stones. Adjust the pH of the urine and the long-term supports shift reaction in alkaline and pH 6, 2-7, 5 in which the salt of uric acid are in solution and not form stones.


Uric acid stones (prevention and treatment), nefrourolitiaz and cystinuria (secondary therapy) alkalinization of urine in porphyria skin, uricosuria, treatment with cytostatics.


Acute and chronic renal failure, the absolute prohibition on the use of salt, serious violations of KHS (metabolic alkaloz), chronic urinary tract infection.

Side effects:

It is not revealed.

Method of application and dose:

Inside, the granules dissolve in a glass of water and drink. Each admission measure the pH of urine, and then determine the dose. The average daily dose of 10 g (4 scoops), taken in the morning and afternoon — 1 scoop in the evening — 2 scoops with consideration of the pH of fresh urine: for kidney stones and uricosuria 6, 2-6, 8, with cystine stones — 7, 5-8, 5 in the treatment with cytostatics is at least 7, porphyria — 7, 2-7, 5. Properly chosen dose provides a pH value within the specified range at higher urine pH values, the daily dose in the evening reception should be reduced to 1/2 scoop if pH values are below a dose increase to 1/2 scoop.


It is recommended to continuously monitor the pH of urine (e.g., using a special indicator paper with pH range 7, 2-9, 7). The simultaneous appointment of drugs digitalis or diet, low sodium, requires to take into account that the average daily dose contains approximately 1, 75 g (44 mmole) of potassium and 1 g (44 mmole) of sodium.



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