• Lendacin (Ceftriaxone) 1g 10 vials

Expiration date: 01/2025

Composition and form of issue:

Powder for preparation of solution for intravenous and intramuscular administration 1 flask:

Ceftriaxone (in the form of sodium salt) 250mg or 1 g

in vials in a pack of cardboard 1, 5, 10 or 50 vials.

Powder for solution for infusion 1 flask:

Ceftriaxone (in the form of sodium salt) 2 g

vials in cartons of 1, 5 or 10 bottles.

Method of application and doses:

I / m, I/V or in the form of a slow I / V infusion, lasting at least 30 min.

Adults and children over 12 years of age. The usual dose is 1-2 g Ceftriaxone once a day or divided into 2 doses (every 12 hours). The maximum daily dose is 4 g (2 g is administered in the form of on/in infusion for 30 minutes with a 12-hour interval).

To avoid a local reaction at the/m introduction should alternate injection in the left and right buttocks.

For the treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhea in men and women it is recommended that a single on/m introduction the dose of 250 mg Ceftriaxone.

Children under 12 years: the recommended daily dose is 50-75 mg / kg once a day, or divided into 2 doses. The total daily dose should not exceed 2 g.

Newborns: the recommended dose is 20-50 mg/kg in the form of a slow in / in infusion.

In bacterial meningitis in infants and children under 12 years of Ceftriaxone administered at a dose of 100 mg/kg/day (but not more than 4 g/day), the duration of the course — 7-14 days.

In / flushed the introduction of

250 mg Ceftriaxone dissolve in 2 ml and 1 g-3, 5 ml 1% lidocaine. The solution is injected deep into the gluteal muscle. It is recommended to enter no more than 1 g in each buttock.

The solution with lidocaine in any case is not introduced in / in.

B / C introduction

250 mg Ceftriaxone dissolve in 5 ml and 1 g-10 ml water for injection. The solution is slowly injected into a vein for 2 to 4 min.

In / in infusion

2 g Ceftriaxone should be dissolved in 40 ml of an appropriate calcium-free infusion solution (0, 45 or 0, 9% sodium chloride, 2, 5, 5 or 10% glucose, 5% levulose, 6% dextran on glucose). Duration of infusion is not less than 30 minutes.