Expiration date: 02/2025

Release Form

Capsules for oral and intravaginal


1 capsule contains micronized progesterone - 100 mg


30 pcs.

pharmachologic effect

Progestogen hormone of the corpus luteum. By binding to receptors on the surface of cells of target organs, it enters the nucleus where it activates DNA promotes RNA synthesis.

Promotes transition mucous membrane of the uterus phase proliferation, called follicular hormone in the secretory phase, and after fertilization - in the condition necessary for the development of a fertilized egg. Reduces muscle excitability and contractility of the uterus and fallopian tubes, it stimulates the development of breast terminal elements.

Stimulating proteinlipazu increases fat reserves, increases glucose utilization by increasing the concentration of basal and stimulated insulin contributes to the accumulation in the liver glycogen, increases aldosterone production, in small doses, accelerates, and in large - inhibits the production of gonadotropic pituitary hormones reduces azotemia, increases the excretion of nitrogen urine. It activates the growth of secretory department of acini of the mammary glands and induces lactation. It promotes the development of normal endometrium.


For oral administration: premenstrual syndrome, fibrocystic breast disease, premenopausal, as the progestogen component of hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women (in combination with estrogen).

Intravaginal: hormone replacement therapy with a non-functioning (absent) ovaries in case of a complete lack of progesterone (egg donation), support luteal phase in preparation for IVF, support luteal phase in a spontaneous or induced menstrual cycle, premature menopause, postmenopause (in combination with estrogen) prevention of habitual and threatened miscarriage due to progestin insufficiency, endocrine infertility, prevention of uterine fibroids, endometriosis.


Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the drug, the tendency to thrombosis, acute forms of phlebitis or thromboembolic disorders, vaginal bleeding of unknown origin, incomplete abortion, porphyria, known or suspected malignancy of mammary glands and genitals. The oral route of administration - when expressed violations of liver function.

Dosing and Administration

Strictly follow the recommended dosage, unless it is specified otherwise by your doctor.

Inside: the evening before going to bed (not recommended before, after or during a meal). When premenstrual syndrome, fibrocystic breast, dysmenorrhea, pre-menopausal women - 200-300 mg per day for 10 days (from 17 to 26 day cycle), and hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women while taking estrogen - 200 mg / day, for 10-12 days.


When egg donation (compared to estrogen therapy) - 100 mg / day at 13 and 14 days of the cycle, followed by 100 mg 2 times a day, with 15 to 25 day cycle to 26 days in the case of determining pregnancy dose increases to 100 mg / day every week, reaching a maximum of 600 mg in 3 doses (over 60 days).

In order to support the luteal phase during the IVF cycle - 400-600 mg / day starting from the day of hCG injection to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

For luteal phase support in the spontaneous or induced menstrual cycle, infertility associated with impaired function of the corpus luteum - 200-300 mg / day, starting with the 17 day cycle for 10 days, in the case of menstruation and pregnancy diagnosis, treatment should be continued. With the threat of or prevention of abortion - 100-200 mg 2 times a day every day, up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The duration of treatment depends on the nature and characteristics of the patient's condition.

Side effects

Allergic reactions, somnolence, dizziness, transient (1-3 h after treatment), reduced menstrual cycle, intermenstrual bleeding.

special instructions

Iprozhin The drug should not be used for contraception,

It should be used with caution during pregnancy because of the risk of liver dysfunction,

With oral admission must be careful when driving and occupation of other potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration and psychomotor speed reactions.

Drug interactions

It enhances the effect of diuretics, antihypertensive drugs, immunosuppressants, anticoagulants. Decreases the lactogenic effect of oxytocin.


Possible adverse effects listed above, are fade with decreasing dose.

Storage conditions

In a dry, dark place at a temperature no higher than 25 ° C.

Shelf life

3 years.