• Anatoxin tetanus AC 1ml 10 vials

Expiration date: 07/2025

Composition and form of issue:

One vaccination dose (0.5 ml) of the drug contains 10 units of binding (EC) of tetanus toxoid. Sorbent-aluminium hydroxide (0, 25-0, 55 mg/ml), preservative — mertiolate (0, 05 mg/ml). Ampoules of 1 ml (two vaccination doses), in a package of 10 PCs.


As-anatoxin consists of purified tetanus toxoid adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide gel. The drug is a yellowish-white suspension, which is divided when standing on a transparent packing liquid and loose sediment, completely broken when shaking.

Pharmacological action:

Forms immunity against tetanus.


Tetanus (planned and emergency prevention)


Acute infectious diseases (no earlier than 2-4 weeks after recovery), exacerbation of chronic diseases, immunodeficiency, the first half of pregnancy.

Side effect:

Rarely: fever, weakness, pain in the place of vaccination, hyperemia, swelling, allergic reactions and exacerbation of allergic diseases.

Method of application and doses:

N/a in the subscapular region in a dose of 0, 5 ml. of a Full course of vaccination consists of two vaccinations at 0, 5 ml each with an interval of 30-40 days, and revaccination in 6-12 months the same dose. Subsequent revaccinations are carried out every 10 years once a dose of 0, 5 ml.

Precautionary measures:

After the introduction of the need to monitor vaccinated within 30 min (the possibility of allergic reactions). It is not suitable for use in the preparation of ampoules with impaired integrity and marking, when changing the physical properties (turbidity, intense staining, the presence of unbreakable flakes), with expired shelf life, improper storage.