• Aprotex (Aprotinin) 10000 ATpU 10 flasks

Expiration date: 08/2025

The composition and form of issue:

Lyophilisate for preparation of intravenous solution. 1 flask contains:

Aprotinin 10000 ATpU (13300 KIU)

100000 ATpU (133000 KIE)

excipients: lactose, sodium hydroxide 

in the paper cartons 1, 5 or 10 vials.

Method of application and dose:

In/in struino (slowly, maximally 5 ml/min) or drip, only in the lying position. Contents 1 FL. dissolved in 2 ml (for the dose of 10000 ATpU) or 20 ml (for the dose of 100000 ATpU) of isotonic solution of sodium chloride.

Usually adults with bleeding initial dose of 300,000 ATpU (399000 KIE), followed 140000 ATpU (186200 KIE) every 4 hours/jet to the normalization of hemostasis.

In acute pancreatitis — 200000-300000 ATpU (266000-399000 the CUE)/jet, then — 200000-300000 ATpU (266000-399000 the CUE)/day/in the drip.

The treatment is carried out to normalize the clinical picture of the disease and performance of laboratory tests.

Prevention of postoperative pancreatitis — 200000 ATpU (266000 KIE)/day/jet.

In shock States the initial dose of 200000-300000 ATpU (266000 -399000 the CUE), followed 140000 ATpU (186000 KIE) in bolus every 4 h.

Children daily dose of 14000 ATpU (18620 KIU)/kg.

Patients with pancreatic necrosis and exudate in the abdominal cavity, containing enzymes, Aprotinin can introduce additional intraperitoneal.