• Forsteo (Teriparatide) 250mcg/ml 2.4ml syringe pen

Expiration date: 10/2022


1 ml solution for subcutaneous injection contains:

The active ingredient

Teriparatide 250 mcg.


Acetic acid ice - 0.41 mg; sodium acetate anhydrous - 0.1 mg, mannitol - 45.4 mg, metacresol - 3 mg, hydrochloric acid solution 10% and/or sodium hydroxide solution 10% q.s. water d/and - q.s. to 1 ml.

1 cartridge of 2.4 ml. The cartridge is mounted in a disposable syringe-pen. Pack of 1 syringe-pen*.

Indications for use

Treatment of osteoporosis in women in postmenopausal period.

Treatment of primary osteoporosis or osteoporosis caused by hypogonadism in men.

Method of application and doses

The drug is prescribed to adults. Dose not depend on the age of the patient.

The recommended dose of Forsteo is 20 mg, administered 1 times/d n/a in the thigh or abdomen.

The maximum duration of drug treatment, Forsteo is 18 months.

In the event of a break in drug treatment, Forteo, patients may continue treatment with other drugs.

Recommended supplementation of calcium and vitamin D if they come from food in insufficient quantities.

The patient should be trained in the technique of drug administration ("guide for the use of the pen").

Rules for the use of the pen

Forsteo is a solution in the syringe handle, designed for individual use. Each injection requires a new sterile needle. Each pack contains Forsteo, "Guide for patients" detailing rules for the treatment of a syringe-pen.

The drug should be administered immediately after the syringe pen is removed from the refrigerator.

After each injection the pen should be placed in the refrigerator.


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