• Clostilbegyt (Clomifene) 50mg 10 tablets

Expiration date: 02/2025

Structure and Composition:

Tablets. 1 tablet contains clomiphene citrate 50 mg

Other ingredients: gelatin, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, talc, potato starch lactose monohydrate

Patients in dark glasses to 10 pcs. In the paper cartons 1 bottle.

Dosage and administration:


In anovulatory infertility dose and duration of treatment depend on the sensitivity (reaction to medication) ovaries.

Patients with a regular menstrual cycle is recommended to start treatment with a 5-day cycle (or a 3-day cycle with ovulation or early follicular phase of duration less than 12 days).

When amenorrhea, treatment can begin on any day.

In Scheme I. 50 mg / day for 5 days while monitoring the reaction using ovarian and clinical laboratory tests. Usually ovulation occurs between the 11th and 15th day of the cycle. If this treatment does not lead to ovulation to apply scheme II.

Scheme II. On the 5th day of the next cycle, 100 mg / day for 5 days. If at this time there is no ovulation, should repeat the same scheme (100 mg / day). In case of failure, the drug should be interrupted for 3 months and then repeat the treatment for 3 months. With the ineffectiveness of the second course of treatment with the subsequent inefficient. The total amount of drug received for each course, should not exceed 750 mg.

In polycystic ovaries, due to the tendency to hyperstimulation, treatment should be started at a dose of 50 mg / day.

In the absence of menstruation due to the long-term use of contraceptives should be administered at 50 mg / day, 5-day course of treatment usually is effective already at the first attempt.

Men with androgen deficiency or oligospermia appoint 50 mg 1-2 times a day for 6 weeks (the regular control of semen).