• Rifampicin 150mg 100 capsules

Expiration date: 07/2022

The composition and form of issue:

1 capsule contains rifampitina 150 or 300 mg, packing 100 and 1000 pieces.

Pharmacological action:

Has a bactericidal action against a number of microorganisms (including Mycobacterium, Haemophilus influenzae, staphylococci, meningococci, gonococci, chlamydia).


Tuberculosis, leprosy.


Severe liver disease. Be wary appoint patients who abuse alcohol.

Side effects:

Increased serum transaminases, increased serum bilirubin (in the first week of treatment), loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, itching and/or redness, rash (face and scalp), eye redness and lacrimation, severe allergic reactions (liver damage, hemolysis, thrombocytopenia) grippity syndrome, thrombocytopenia, fever, shortness of breath, oliguria (with intermittent use), urine staining in red.

Drug interactions:

Induces liver enzymes and may accelerate the biotransformation of concurrently used other drugs (to increase dose) this applies in particular to digitoxin, nifedipine, phenytoin, oral anticoagulants, doxycycline, oral contraceptives, Dapsone. Antacids greatly reduce the absorption. The risk of hepatotoxicity increases with concomitant intake of isoniazid.

Method of application and dose:

Prescribed, usually in combination with at least one anti-TB or anti-leprosy agent. For the treatment of tuberculosis and leprosy using various schemes. The following is an indicative reference doses for combination therapy. To exclude toxic effects of the drug, it is administered in a dose calculated according to body weight. Tuberculosis adults appoint 10 mg/kg 1 time per day, or approximately 450 mg per day for patients with body weight below 50 kg and 600 mg per day for patients weighing more than 50 kg. Children appoint 10 mg/kg, 1 time a day. In leprosy recommended doses vary widely. When multibacillary leprosy is prescribed 10 mg/kg, 1 time per month with the simultaneous daily intake clofazimine and Dapsone. For the prevention of meningitis adults appoint 10 mg/kg 2 times a day for 2 days, children up to 1 year 5 mg/kg for children older than 1 year — 10 mg/kg 2 times a day for 2 days. The capsules should be taken on an empty stomach (with a glass of water).


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