Expiration date: 02/2025

Composition and form of issue

Powder for children-powder:

In 100 g of the drug contains: active substance: zinc oxide (zinc oxide) - 10 g, excipients: potato starch - 10 g, talc - 80 g, 40 g or 50 g in banks of polyethylene.

Pharmacological action:

Baby powder has an adsorbing, drying and astringent effect. Reduces exudation and wetness, relieves and prevents irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Indications: "Diaper rash", dermatitis.


Increased sensitivity to the components of baby Powder. It is not recommended for use in acute purulent-inflammatory diseases.

Dosage and administration

For the prevention of diaper rash in children, baby powder is applied to areas of the body that are in long-term contact with wet linen. When ulcers, dermatitis powder is applied to a thin layer on the affected skin.

Side effect

With increased sensitivity to the drug, itching, hyperemia, rash are possible.

Storage conditions and shelf life

In a dry place at a temperature not exceeding 25°C. shelf life-5 years.