• Candinorm Complex Gel

Expiration date: 12/2025

Composition and form of issue:

Cleansing gel for external use (for intimate hygiene) 1 tube (30 ml)

active substance:

capriglione 1, 2%

inulin 0, 1%

L-timol 0, 05%

saponin aloe 1%

emodin aloe 1%

excipients: deionized water glycerin 

in tubes of 30 ml in a pack a cardboard 1 tube.

The gel restores the pH and the microflora for intravaginal use (for personal hygiene) 1 tube (6 ml)

active substance:

capriglione 1, 2%

inulin 0, 1%

L-timol 0, 05%

saponin aloe 1%

emodin aloe 1%

excipients: deionized water glycerin 

in tubes with applicators of 6 ml in a pack of 3 cardboard tubes in an individual package.


Kindinorm Gel Complex is a complex of natural extracts combined in the system CrystalMatrix-FS and suppress the growth of various strains of Candida spp.

Prebiotic, part of Kindinorm Complex Gel, promotes more rapid restoration of physiological vaginal flora.

Effects on the body:

Kindinorm Complex Gel contains natural extracts that suppress the growth of yeast fungi of the genus Candida spp.: C. albicans, C. glabrata, C. tropicalis, C. krusei, causing the development of candidiasis (thrush).

The properties of the components:

Properties of means for intimate hygiene are defined by properties of the components entering their structure.

Caprilic acid is a derivative of Caprylic acid, which is found in coconut oil, breast milk and cow milk. It has antifungal activity against most strains of Candida spp., breaking the permeability of fungal membrane.

Thymol is found in thyme and oregano, is used as an L-isomer, violates the structure of fungal membranes of the genus Candida spp., as well as some pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Saponin aloe is a natural glycoside of aloe, has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial activity, blocks the formation of ergosterol in the membrane of fungi of the genus Candida spp. and causes their death.

Inulin is a prebiotic that promotes the growth of physiological microflora, mainly lacto - and bifidobacteria, supporting normal acidic pH values of the vagina.

Conducted microbiological tests showed a high fungicidal action of Kindinorm Complex Gel, including against strains of Candida spp., resistant to other antifungal drugs.

International, randomized, comparative study conducted using components of Kindinorm Complex Gel, showed high antifungal and antibacterial activity and inhibitory activity against certain types of viruses.


As treatment-and-prophylactic complex for intimate hygiene in the vaginal candidiasis (to eliminate itching, abnormal discharge, irritation, redness around your intimate areas and restore the normal microflora of the vagina).


Individual intolerance to the components of the gel.

Application for pregnancy and breastfeeding:

There is no data on any contraindications for local use of gel components during pregnancy and lactation, except those specified in the appropriate section. However, the need for use should be discussed with your doctor.

Drug interaction:

There are no reports of interactions with PM or other forms of interaction.

Method of application and doses:

Kindinorm Complex Gel contains two types of gel for topical and intravaginal use.

Kindinorm Complex Gel — cleansing gel (for intimate hygiene)

Externally (gel in tubes of 30 ml). Apply a small amount of gel on the area of intimate areas during shower, then rinse. Apply 1-2 times a day. This gel eliminates itching and pathological secretions, moisturizes and softens the mucosa, prepares it for the action of intravaginal gel, has a fungicidal effect. One tube is designed for 6 applications.

Kindinorm Complex Gel — revitalizing gel (for intimate hygiene)

Intravaginal (gel in tubes of 6 ml). Remove the protective cap from the applicator and insert the applicator into the vagina, lying on the back with slightly bent legs. Apply pressure to the tube so that its contents completely fall into the vagina, and then pull out the applicator. Apply intravaginal gel should be 1 time in the evening, before bedtime. You should not use this type of gel during your period. When using intravaginal gel, a rapid burning sensation is possible, which is due to the state of the vaginal mucosa during candidiasis (thrush). The gel has a fungicidal effect and restores the vaginal microflora.


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